Working as Equals: 21st Century Co-Parenting Takes Effort

Summary: Modern co-parenting can be a challenge. Youth can be quite adept at looking for chinks in parents’ armor, discussions about money and spending can be unpleasant, and proactive communication can sometimes be awkward. However, it is worth it to enjoy the benefits of raising one’s progeny in an egalitarian, respectful, healthy household. Modern co-parenting […]

Stay Home Dads: Benefits for the Whole Family

Summary: Men who stay home with children provide the same trust and confidence in the offspring as that of a mother choosing to do the same. Consistent care helps the children learn better and stay healthier. Fun times can be scheduled and golden moments in the lives of children are not missed. Women have typically […]

Redefining the Stay at Home Mom

Summary:¬†With the increasing ability to earn income while taking care of the household and increasing amounts of support from their partner, the role of being a SAHM has certainly been redefined through the years. Mothers have the freedom and ability to teach their children important lessons without missing out on important milestones. Being a SAHM […]