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For many parents, the safety of their family is one of their top parenting priorities. As children grow up, the safety issues change, but are no less important. According to the experts, most accidents and abductions can be prevented if some preventative tactics are followed. Here are five tips for maintaining the safest possible environment.

Know Your Child

It may be true that you know what’s best for your kids in the long-run, but they also have ideas about their lives. If a great separation develops, and they lose contact with you, the child will be more prone to become defiant and distant, which will increase the likelihood of making poor decisions. Without being intrusive, it’s wise to maintain an open, non-judgmental relationship and support the child’s efforts, so he or she will be able to comfortably talk about feelings and experiences. You are not doing your child a good service by ignoring his or her behavior.

Chemicals and Medications

Toxic chemicals that are commonly used in the garden or for house cleaning should be kept in a locked cupboard where children cannot reach them without adult supervision. Unused and expired medication should also be disposed of properly. The most fatal unintentional overdoses are from pain relief medications that people get from friends or family members.

Safety Rules

It’s wise for one adult member of a family to learn first-aid, CPR and even self-defense. These classes are easily available and may be life-saving when emergency situations arise. If you have a boat, make sure you have the required number of usable life vests and always use a seat belt and an approved child safety seat.

Use Your Smartphone

As soon as they are old enough to remember, kids should be taught their telephone number and their parent’s mobile phone numbers. Many smartphones such as the Samsung galaxy s5 have mobile phone features that allow families to stay in contact. Youngsters can be taught how to answer the phone, call 911 and not give personal information to strangers.

Play Dates

It is essential that you know the families where your kids play. There should be shared values such as not playing with or handling guns, not going to the store without an adult, street safety and always being within earshot of the play area. If you go camping with your friends, you should discuss outdoor safety rules. For example, always stay on marked trails, never disturb wildlife habitats and pack water, a snack, sun screen, insect repellant and a whistle whether you stroll through the woods or do serious trekking.

Today, many adults and their children lead very busy lives and trust each other to follow a few common sense rules and stay safe. However, it is important to take some time out of your busy day to make sure each person understands the basic safety ground rules and understands the importance of following them. When preventative tactics work, you may not even know danger was nearby.

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Safety Today
When preventative tactics work, you may not even know danger was nearby.